FAQs - Clubfoot

Will my child’s clubfoot heal on its own?

No, you won’t see your child’s clubfoot heal on its own. Your baby’s feet can be completely straightened, but it will take treatment over an extended period of time to manipulate the feet into the correct position, and get them to stay there. The process isn’t necessarily difficult, but it can’t be rushed for it to be done correctly. Also, the sooner the feet are treated, the better. The lower limbs need to be able to grow into the correct alignment. Most feet of young childrenrespond well to entirely conservative measures for straightening the clubbed feet.

Failing to take care of the problem will leave your baby with permanently curved and curled under lower limbs. Surgery may be able to straighten the limbs later, but they probably won’t be as strong, stable, or functional as feet that were treated early on. Let Dr. Gerald Mauriello in Belvidere help restore your baby’s limbs. Call our office at (908) 475-8750 or use the website request form to reach us for more information or an appointment.