FAQs - Foot Odor

How do I get rid of bad shoe odor?

Removing foot odor from tennis shoes isn’t hard, but it does involve some intentionality.Foot and shoe smells are caused by sweaty feet encouraging bacteria growth. Run your shoes through the washing machine to clean them if it’s safe to do so. Otherwise wash them with a clean cloth, warm water, and scented dish soap. Let them dry completely. Put baking powder in your shoes overnight: either shake it directly into the shoe and dump it out the next day, or fill a sock and place that in your footwear. Kitty litter and orange peels could also be used to deodorize.

Avoid wearing the same pair of shoes every day so each can dry out between uses. If nothing seems to help your shoe odor, or you’ve also noticed changes or problems in your skin or nails, contact Dr. Gerald Mauriello in Belvidere or Hackettstown, NJ to find the source of your smelly shoe problem. Visit the online contact page or call the office at (908) 475-8750 for an appointment or more information.

What causes foot odor?

Foot odor is caused by a mix of sweat and bacteria living on the surface of your skin. Your feet have, on average, 250,000 sweat glands. These glands can sweat about a pint of moisture every day to moisturize your skin and release heat. At the same time, every person has colonies of relatively harmless bacteria on the surface of their skin, particularly their feet. When your perspiration and these bacteria colonies mingle, the bacteria releases an unpleasant odor. This is made worse by socks and shoes. The sweaty mixture gets trapped in the fabric of your footwear and continues to fester there, compounding the smell.

Certain conditions can make sweaty feet worse. If you sweat more than average, are experiencing hormone changes like puberty or menopause, or simply do not wash your feet well or often enough, you’ll be more prone to the problem. Sometimes stress, certain medications, and consuming drugs or alcohol can make it worse, too. Sweaty, smelly foot problems don’t have to continue to embarrass you, though. You can get help to alleviate the problem. Contact Dr. Gerald Mauriello in Belvidere and Hackettstown, NJ, for an appointment to make your feet sweet again today. You can use our website or call (908) 475-8750 to reach us.