FAQs - Medical Terminology

What does benign mean?

If you’ve received a diagnosis of a benign mass or lesion, you may be wondering, “What does benign mean?” Benign means noncancerous. It is a growth that doesn’t spread to other parts of the body, change neighboring tissue, or destroy organs. It can also generally describe a condition that isn’t dangerous or serious. It is the opposite of the word “malignant.”

Usually benign tumors or lesions grow quite slowly and do not harm the body. Depending on where it develops, however, pressing on it may cause pain. Rarely it may be positioned in a place that it can press against blood vessels or nerves and affect limb function. In those cases, the growth may cause discomfort or complications that requires prompt treatment. If you’re concerned about an unusual growth on your foot, Dr. Gerald Mauriello will evaluate it and determine how to address it. Contact our Belvidere or Hackettstown office by calling (908) 475-8750 or sending us an online request for an appointment.