FAQs - Poor Circulation

How can I increase circulation in my feet after standing all day at work?

There are many ways to increase circulation after standing for extended periods of time. Movement and exercise are the most effective techniques for improving blood flow to your legs and feet. Try walking around and doing some lunges or calf raises. Knee and leg raises are good as well. Be sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day, too. Wear socks and shoes that aren’t too tight and have enough padding, so they aren’t as likely to cut off the flow of blood. If you’re able to take breaks throughout the day while you work, do so. Spend a few minutes sitting to give your feet a chance to relax. If you still experience significant discomfort after spending all day on your feet, you may be developing a problem from the strain. Contact us for an appointment or more information about ways to protect your lower limbs. You can reach our Belvidere or Hackettstown, New Jersey office by calling (908) 475-8750 or visiting the online contact page.