Home Care Tips Bunions

“Do It Yourself” is everywhere these days—do it yourself decorations, do it yourself weddings, do it yourself fitness, and so on. People enjoy finding a way to be creative without spending a lot of money. One area where it’s risky to try doing it yourself, though, is your health care. When you have a real problem, like a bunion, you don’t want to risk making it worse by taking treatment into your own hands. This doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do to help alleviate the pain when you’re at home, of course. Bunion home care can actually make a big difference for improving your comfort.

First, a quick review: bunions are the hard bulges on the side of your foot that develop when your first metatarsal and the big toe slide out of alignment and begin tilting away from each other. The joint where they meet bulges out and becomes enlarged. Pressure on the forefoot, and particularly the bump, from footwear and your activities can irritate and inflame it.

Relieving pressure on this bulge and your forefoot can make a big difference for improving any discomfort you may have—and you can do that at home. This won’t “fix” your bunion, but if you’re uncomfortable, try some of these basic home remedies for bunion pain:

  • Pad it – Put a gel pad or moleskin between your footwear and the bump. This reduces two of the most painful culprits: friction and pressure.
  • Ice it – When the bulge is swollen and uncomfortable, apply an ice pack for 10-20 minutes at a time. This decreases swelling and inflammation.
  • Rest it – Take a break from whatever activity is irritating your foot.
  • Change it up – Switch your shoes. Make sure you’re wearing a style with a wide, soft, rounded toe box, plenty of arch support, and a low heel.

You may still need additional treatment to help prevent the condition from getting worse, like orthotics or splints. Don’t live with the pain; take care of it! Dr. gerald Mauriello is here to help you manage your forefoot pain, from bunion home care to more invasive methods for advanced cases. Just call (908) 475-8750 to make an appointment with us.