Nail Problems

Even if you’ve never thought much about them before, once your toenails present you with a problem, you are very aware of how they look and feel. When they are uncomfortable, it can be hard to wear shoes and walk around for any length of time. When they are unsightly, it can be embarrassing to take your shoes off and air out your feet!

Fortunately, nail problems can be addressed using different conservative treatments to manage and eliminate your discomfort and deal with their appearance.

Common Conditions

Many of the problems facing your toenails are both uncomfortable and embarrassing. Nail conditions damage and change the appearance of the affected tissues, in some cases leaving the toe vulnerable to additional infections. For patients with compromised immune systems, like diabetics, that can be very dangerous—they already have a much harder time fighting infections. Taking care of your nails right away helps prevent complications and encourages faster healing. Some of the most common nail problems include:

  • Black toenails — This injury is common to runners, but anyone can develop them. Multiple culprits can be behind discolored nails, including infections and melanoma, but most commonly the darkening results from trauma to the toe. Though black toenails may not always be serious problems, they can be painful and tear easily—or even act as warning signs of serious damage that isn’t clearly visible.
  • Ingrown toenails — Nails are supposed to grow straight forward. Sometimes, however, things occur that change that. The nails adjust and grow sideways or even curl. These distorted nails can press into the skin, trapping and pinching it painfully. The affected area can become infected if not treated.
  • Nail Fungus — This condition is the result of microorganisms getting underneath your nails and festering there. When the environment is right, the fungus grows rapidly and damages your nail tissue, turning it brittle, crumbly, discolored, and thickened. Without treatment the condition only worsens and can even spread to other toes.

Conservative Resolutions

Fortunately, Dr. Gerald Mauriello is experienced in treating a wide variety of foot conditions, including nail problems. With intentional, conservative care and monitoring, your toes can be restored to their natural comfort and beauty, and be kept that way.  We maintain the highest standards for care and cleaning so that you know your feet are being treated right.

If you experience pain from your toenails or notice they have changed in appearance, don’t ignore it. Nail conditions take a while to heal, even using the most advanced remedies; the sooner they are addressed the sooner they can be restored to normal. Instead of putting up with the discomfort or embarrassment, deal with your problem. Contact us for an appointment or more information by calling our Belvidere office at (908) 475-8750 or by visiting the online contact page.

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