Who doesn’t love shoes? They come in many different styles, colors, and sizes in order to fit everyone’s fashion tastes. There are styles for every occasion and for every outfit. As important as shoes are to your wardrobe, they are even more important to your foot health.

The role of your footwear is to first and foremost protect your feet. They are designed to guard the tender skin on the soles from cuts, bacteria, and fungus. They are also made to help support the bones and tissues in your ankles and feet. In order to understand how foot gear work to accomplish these feats, it’s important to know about the anatomy of a shoe.

Check your footprint to see how you can determine your foot type. Then check the wear patterns on your existing or old shoes to see what information can be gleaned from them. This will help you decide at home whether you need a new pair of shoes. The trained staff at Functional Foot and Ankle Restoration can help you find the perfect fit, style, and color of shoes to prevent and relieve foot pain.

Shoes for every person

Because every person’s feet are different, it is essential that you find the best pair for you. Getting a proper fit will ensure that your feet can protect you correctly, and will reduce the risk of irritations like bunions, blisters, and calluses.

As children grow, their feet get bigger and stronger as well. The rapid growth of your children’s feet will make it necessary for you to buy new shoes often. Use our tips for finding the right footwear in order to make the process easier. It may be a difficult task, but one that will help prevent future foot pain.

Men and women’s bodies are designed and built differently. Styles, structures, and colors vary between women’s and men’s shoes. Women tend to have more problems with their feet due to their choices in footwear, which makes it even more important for women to know which shoes are best for them. High heels and pointy-toed shoes can cause all sorts of pain issues- from bunions to hammertoes to blisters.

Shoes for every activity

There are many different categories of shoes: dress shoes, work shoes, athletic shoes, and sandals are just several examples. For every activity, there is shoe gear designed to fit you correctly. It’s important to wear the correct ones in order to prevent injury or damage to the feet. For this reason, it is important to know these athletic shoe guidelines. Your feet work extremely hard during high-impact activities like jumping, running, and turning, so it is imperative that the best shoes for your feet be used.